25 February 2006

Right here... doing lots, doing nothing

Here we are, looking ahead at our last 4 weeks of Singapore.

If all stays to schedule, we move to Tsuruoka on the 25th of March. Just a month away, and there's so much to be done and so little time to do it in! We still haven't signed with a mover! Hopefully, after today's game, Arun can get down to the business of moving. I am SO going to love a place where there's no cricket! Hopefully now things will get done on time without the interruption of a cricket match, friendly or otherwise...

I'm now trying to catch up at least once with everyone I know here before I leave, and looks like I know a lot more people than I actually thought I did! That's going to make for a very hectic social life in the next month.

And not to mention movies. I plan to watch as many of the new releases as I can. When I can still walk across the road to the cinema.

So much I want to do while still here, and so little time for it! So here's hoping I get time to do it all!