07 January 2007

Happy 2-007

(Sorry, but that was way too tough to resist.)

Have a wonderful year ahead.

Last year's been quite ... hectic.. for want of a better word...

First the crash course on Japanese in India, then back to Singy and get set for the move to Japan, moving to Japan and discovering a whole new way of life, getting used to the labyrinth that passes for bureaucracy, then there was all the excitement of getting ready for the second baby, more paperwork and communication issues at the hospital, starting to drive again after a hiatus of over a decade, getting my license, backing into assorted walls and pillars, then the big preparation to face the legendarily bad winters this neck of the woods is famous for and actually having the baby (little Avani, aka Boo) ...... Wow... has it been a busy year or what!

Now that I think about it, damn... we did get a lot done in the last one year! If I'd been given this list a year ago and been told that it was the PoA for the year ahead, I'd have totally freaked out!!

Its been a wonderful year, and now I'm looking forward to a slightly more relaxed year in the backwoods of Japan.

Akemashite Omedettou Gozaimasu!

(to those 'lost in translation', a 'Very Happy New Year to You')