30 August 2005

Why ARE Men Happier?

Men Are Just Happier People- What do you expect from such simple creatures?

Your last name stays put.The garage is all yours. Wedding plans take care of themselves. Chocolate is just another snack. You can never be pregnant. You can wear a white T-shirt to a water park. You can wear NO shirt to a water park.

Car Mechanics tell you the truth.The world is your urinal. You never have to drive to another petrol station restroom because this one is just too icky. You don't have to stop and think of which way to turn a nut on a bolt. Same work, more pay.

Wrinkles add character. Wedding dress £3000. Tux rental £10. People never stare at your chest when you are talking to them. The occasional well-rendered belch is practically expected. New shoes don't cut, blister,or mangle your feet. One mood all the time. Phone conversations are over in 30 seconds flat. You know stuff about tanks. A 5 day holiday requires only one suitcase .

You can open all of your own jars. You get extra credit for the slightest act of thoughtfulness. If someone forgets to invite you, he or she can still be your friend. Your underwear is £5.00 for a three-pack. Three pairs of shoes are more than enough. You almost never have strap problems in public.

You are unable to see wrinkles in your clothes. Everything on your face stays its original colour. The same hairstyle lasts for years, maybe even decades. You only have to shave your face and neck.You can play with toys all your life. Your belly usually hides your big hips.

One wallet and one pair of shoes one colour for all seasons. You can wear shorts no matter what how your legs look. You do your nails with a pocket knife. You have freedom of choice concerning growing a moustache.You can do Christmas shopping for 25 relatives on December 24 in 25 minutes.

Thanks, Tina... this was a great start to the day. Enjoy folks, and have a good laugh.

25 August 2005

A weekend of movies

Mangal Pandey - The Rising

We managed to watch it this weekend. I'd say not bad at all. With all the hype I expected more. The movie could have done very well without Rani Mukherjee and Amisha Patel. Two of the songs too could have been taken out.

Why is Bollywood so fixated with a love-interest for every protagonist? The two so called leading ladies were strictly decorative. And totally irrelevant to the plot!

If you're planning to watch it, ignore all the hype. A good evening's timepass.

Must Love Dogs

Soumya and I decided to spare our other-halves the agony of a chick-flick and went to watch must love dogs. I loved it. It was quite hilarious, deals with the perils of internet dating. Funniest part was, it was just the 2 of us in the theatre! It was good watching a nice chick-flick after ages. Christopher Plummer and Stockard Channing are just great. And Dermot Mulrooney is getting old.....

I really wouldn't call it a romantic comedy. It's funnier than it is romantic. The romance fizzles where it should sizzle.

Not great or fantastic... but total relaxing timepass.


I managed to drag Arun to watch Harold Pinter's 'Betrayal'. Lucky for us we got seats right at the front of the theatre. The play was marvellous. Shabana Azmi was totally understated, but the star of the show was definitely Simon Jones. He was incredible funny as Robert. Total Brit style stiff upper lip and all that. Totally hilarious!

I guess this wasn't really Arun's cup of tea as far as entertainment goes. Until Aditi is old enough to go with me, I'll try to go with Soumya for any theatre productions. If I get lucky, Nayeem might even make biriyani for post-theatre supper..... so much wishful thinking!

17 August 2005

Got around to uploading pics

To those of you who aren't quite that bored with pics from our totally predictable lives, here you go.

These are some pics taken on Aditi's birthday and at her party.
As usual no one got around to taking a decent pic of me with Aditi.

Aditi's first day at playschool. My little baby is growing up too fast

11 August 2005

A quick count

I got this really funny optical illusion thingie in the mail today. I don't know if the animation is likely to work here, but its worth a try. So are there 12 or 13 men in the picture??

PS: no, it doesn't work. Can anyone tell me if there are any findas about using .GIF files in a blog?

05 August 2005

Happy Birthday Aditi

Aditi is another year older. She's all of two years old. Seems it was just yesterday that I took her in my arms for the first time. Seems like it was just yesterday that she turned over, crawled, sat up, stood, walked for the first time. How time flies...

So another birthday came and went without my being able to carry out half of what I had planned. Suff happens.