25 August 2005

A weekend of movies

Mangal Pandey - The Rising

We managed to watch it this weekend. I'd say not bad at all. With all the hype I expected more. The movie could have done very well without Rani Mukherjee and Amisha Patel. Two of the songs too could have been taken out.

Why is Bollywood so fixated with a love-interest for every protagonist? The two so called leading ladies were strictly decorative. And totally irrelevant to the plot!

If you're planning to watch it, ignore all the hype. A good evening's timepass.

Must Love Dogs

Soumya and I decided to spare our other-halves the agony of a chick-flick and went to watch must love dogs. I loved it. It was quite hilarious, deals with the perils of internet dating. Funniest part was, it was just the 2 of us in the theatre! It was good watching a nice chick-flick after ages. Christopher Plummer and Stockard Channing are just great. And Dermot Mulrooney is getting old.....

I really wouldn't call it a romantic comedy. It's funnier than it is romantic. The romance fizzles where it should sizzle.

Not great or fantastic... but total relaxing timepass.

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Taz Snow said...

If you haven't watched 'Iqbal' go out and make sure you do. Dunno if the mister will like it, but I know you will.

Nagesh Kukanoor just gets better...like blackberry wine sitting in the sun :o)