17 August 2005

Got around to uploading pics

To those of you who aren't quite that bored with pics from our totally predictable lives, here you go.

These are some pics taken on Aditi's birthday and at her party.
As usual no one got around to taking a decent pic of me with Aditi.

Aditi's first day at playschool. My little baby is growing up too fast


katongking said...

hey, aditi was nebber with you leh. like that how to take picture?

Vidya said...

when u did take the pics they all look like some mallu art film... all dark! both our mugs in shadows... am still sulking about that!

Dents said...

You little baby is growing up way too fast!
I predict that you will need:
1) A ticket machine outside your front door for the guys who are soon going to line up there.
2) Sneakoscope to see if your daughter's date is a eligible or not.
3) Comfy armchair facing the front door that Mom/Dad can fall asleep in while waiting for daughter dear's date to end.
4) Perfunctionary cuckoo clock with large face lettering, on which the camera can easily focus.
5) Shotgun

Anonymous said...

who's cat is that?

Anonymous said...

whose cat is that? (I meant to write "who's that cat?" and ended with a different sentence!)

Vidya said...

that cat is a random cat... the only decent cat design available at a certain cake shop. and apparently coz the design is copyrighted, the letter on it's tshirt HAS to be an 'E'... the bakery refused to change it to 'A'....

Axe said...

I would like to add to Dents' list.

6) Priest on hand, failing which, on speed-dial