20 November 2005

Let's go fly a kite

.....Up to the highest height!
Let's go fly a kite and send it soaring
Up through the atmosphere
Up where the air is clear

Oh, let's go fly a kite!

So we took Mary Poppins' words ot heart and took ourselves out to the East Coast Park, and bought ourselves a kite.

That, however, was the easy part. What was not easy was actually getting it to go over 10 feet up in the air. It didn't help much that our little energetic bundle of joy thought it was funny to get entangled in all that thread.

So Arun has decided that he can't let a pretty piece of paper get the better of him, and is determined to get it up and soaring tomorrow. And I plan to keep the video camera all ready to roll!

The kite we bought today was really pretty, and quite jazzed up. Arun and I were comparing it to the kites we flew, made with newspapers, sticks from brooms, waste thread for the 'tail' and begging for a length of sturdy thread to actually fly the airworthy(?) contraption. More often than not, it was held together with cooked rice rather than glue. And somehow it felt so wrong not being able to get this new engineered kite to take to the skies! If newspapers and 'parke-kaddi' could fly, why not this?

Maybe it's because we're older and wiser. Back then sheer confidence in our artwork gave us all the impetus we needed to coax scrap papers to fly, and fly really well.

So will this shiny swanky shop-bought marvel fly? We can only wait and see. A is determined that a kite won't get the better of him.

Here's to long forgotten skills. Go Arun!


Kaps said...

I didn't know u could do this in S'pore. Where do u buy the kites?

Vidya said...

There are some stalls in ECP that sell kites. Lots of little shops in Chinatown. Most knick-knack shops in any HDB neighbourhood shopping center. The last are the best option, where you pay max $2 for a fairly large colourful kite!

Maybe I should organise a kite-flying picnic some weekend. Anyone game?

Axe said...

*pokes blog with a stick*

Is it alive?