20 January 2006

Kids these days

The last couple of days have been one of THOSE days... When Aditi seems to have made it her mission in life to be an absolute imp.

Yesterday I had to go shopping to restock my freezer. Since I was going to a neighbourhood mom-n-pop kind of shop, I decided to take her along. Before I could pick out basic jeera and rye, the little one had dropped a bag of atta and was coated in white dust! Since I paid for it anyway, the storekeeper gave me a towel to dust her off.

On the way home, there was this fiasco on the bus. Aditi found the curls on the head of the elderly matron, sitting on the seat in front of us, absolutely fascinating. Before I could stop her, she pulled the lady's hair, and had it in her hands. I've never been so mortified. Thankfully, the bus pulled into a stop, and I gave the lady her wig back and got off with all my baggage! So what if I had a much longer walk home. For some reason Arun found that hilarious. He just couldn't stop laughing. Apparently it's funny because it happened to someone else!

Today she thought it would be funny to pour chutney AND curd in the sugar dabba.

sigh.... terrible twos in full swing.

I just hope the threes are better.....


Dents said...

What gives you to even consider that the "threes" will be better? Havent you learnt from your autobiographical experience?
Good Luck and hang in there...

Taz Snow said...

Considering the lineage of the kid in question, forget waiting for the threes or the fours....this is the way things are going to be fron now till eternity :oD!

Anonymous said...

That was absolutely hilarious, one of the funniest real-life experiences I have read about. Go Aditi!

I am disappointed that you did not take pictures. Maybe not of the second one but you should have for the first and the third one.