06 June 2006

Things I know for a fact

I know that gravity is 9.81 m/s². I know that the boiling point of water is 100°C. I know that the moon orbits the earth, and the earth in turn orbits the sun.

To be precise, I have been told that these are facts and I have accepted them at face value.

I've also been told that using cell-phones can cause brain tumors. Today, I know certain facts about cell-phones that have been proved to my satisfaction, much to the detriment of the instrument in question.

Now I have listed some things that I have had proved, to my satisfaction, as irrefutable facts.

A cell-phone dropped in a pot of boiling sambar will never work again.

A cell-phone dropped in a loo has a very slim chance of ever working right again. Especially if it has been there for 4 hours prior to detection.

A sturdy Nokia 3310 may, under standard throwing and falling conditions, survive a fall from a 7th floor window, and live to tell the tale.

I certainly do not make any claims about being any sort of electronics expert. I do know some other random facts about other household electronics.

M&M candies should not be inserted into a DVD player along with a DVD. If it doesn't fall through, it leaves a funny coating of colour on the surface of the disc.

Pouring chocolate milk on a Tom and Jerry DVD doesn't assuage either protagonists' hunger, but does leave one big grandmother of a mess to be cleaned up.

And picking up a DVD with a pair of tongs can crack the said disc.

Does anyone out there have other facts to share??


BioSwami said...

i will probably have a few :p but you know them all already!

Dents said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!
Gooooo Aditi!

Vidya said...

Bioswami: Add anything that falls under 'fact' to this list

Dents: easy for you to say that now.. someday it's going to be your turn!

Taz Snow said...

Sweety, no matter how hard Dents tries (or for that matter, any of us!), we shall never achieve that potent combination of complex compounds that comes from mixing one portion of Vee with one portion of Bioswami...

...as Dents said...GOOOO ADITI! :oD

Twisted DNA said...

You post is very funny. Here are a few I learnt by experience.

1. Pour water in a toy truck, put pieces of roti in it and leave it there for 2 days. Kids find this concoction very tasty.
2. If you flush a lipstick down the toilet, it leaves a permanant coat in the toilet. Looks quite jazzy, in fact.
3. If somebody tells you "Why are you paying JiffyLube money for oil-change, you can do it easily." Don't trust them.