07 November 2006

Testing 1..2..3..

One of my readers (all countable on one hand) asked why there haven't been updates here in ages. Good question... No answer...

Honestly, nothing much has been happening out here. Since my last update, all that's happened is that I finally passed my driving test, got my license and the very next day backed the car into a pillar. Nono.. not to worry, the car had the mildest of scratches on it!

Now that I have my license, I've been exploring this little town, drive in any direction that seems interesting (advantage of living in a small town: can never get lost), going window shopping without harassing Arun.. You get the drift.

Right now, we're trying to get decent baby furniture, infant car-seats, woolen and other assorted warm clothes for Aditi (who's shooting up like a beanpole), warm clothes for the new baby... phew... Did I forget to mention heated carpets, room heaters and more stuff along those lines?? So all spare time's spent in stores checking out stuff.

The weathers starting to get chilly. Quite chilly actually. There's already been snow about 60kms north of here. Any sunny days are now spent airing out quilts, comforters, blankets and other assorted winter wear that's been sitting in storage for a few months. Or if its a really gloriously sunny day, I drag Arun and Aditi around somewhere for a long drive in the mountains and look at the pretty colours.

Other than that, nothing much. Will get around to posting some pics one of these days. Don't ask when, when I get around to it.. that's when!


Dents said...

00 (Ooh)!!
Vidya with a license! Enjoy the freedom!

Axe said...

Didja feel the earthquake? Did the waves on the beach lap a little bit higher?