25 June 2007

Who on earth..

.. is Pratibha Patil? What obscure orifice of the thing called the Congress party did she crawl out of?

It goes without saying that I want Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam to continue at the helm for another term. But who am I? I'm a voter, yes, but unfortunately a voter doesn't elect the president.

So what does that leave me with??? Mrs. Patil?? Who is she anyway, and what makes her eligible to helm a nation of a billion?

So let's all compromise, shall we? Shall we go with what the GreatBong says?? In his inimitable style, he compares the two prime contenders, and wonders if maybe we're overlooking the obvious choice. Read this one, folks.

At least you started this day with a hearty laugh!

1 comment:

Tys on Ice said...

hey vids, whatever happened to tht alferd hitchcock looking fella? oh yeah, sheshan ; me thinks he wud hve made a great president, wud hve kicked some butts atleast...