16 July 2007

When the earth trembled

We were getting ready to go for a drive, when Arun goes, 'Can you feel the movement?'

Huh?? Of course I can. When the motor's running of course there's some shake in the car. A gave me an exasperated sigh, parked and turned off the engine. And I could still feel some movement. Oops. Another tremor.

We've been feeling tremors from the earthquake at Niigata for the better part of the day. Anything in the range of 6 or so, seems to be felt all the way north here. Niigata is a little too close for comfort (about 150 kms too close).

We're all OK. No damages in this part of the world.

And thanks to all you lovely people who called/mailed/messaged. We're all fine, and let's hope that the worst of the tremors are over.

To ease everyone's worries, 'Brunch was OK. The dal was bland, potato curry too hot, and the earthquake quite mild, thank you'.


Kosh said...

Glad to know you're all doing fine :)

And BTW - have been around, quietly watching and reading blogs, lives and stories to see how everyone is doing. Must say you seem to be fitting in quite well into Nippono!!!

Take care.

Vidya said...

Good to know you all are doing fine. Visited your space on reading the news and was happy to see the update :)

"Lady Namu" said...

gd to know..was thinking about you and the family this morning when I read about it...stay safe:-)

Tys on Ice said...

look wht u hve gone and done now with all those dals and potatoes!

Tht , for ur info was not an earthquake it was a thermal blasting...

Anonymous said...

Hi Vidya
Visited your space, good to know that all of you are doing fine.
May GOD bless you!

Axe said...

Good to know you guys are OK.

Are you safe from that nuclear spills?

Nanditha Prabhu said...

I too had an experience of earth quake when inJAPAN. i WAS IN HIROSHIMA.Where are you?
how are you finding Japan!
saw your other posts too... enjoyed reading

Preethy said...

Sounds like you are quite close to Niigata? We were in Hiroshima all waiting to exp our first typhoon. Not only did we not (mild drizzle) but we missed the quake (whatever of it) in Tokyo too! I know I wouldnt be talking like this if I were in Niigata...my wishes for a speedy recovery to the people there.

Nalini Prasanna said...

Hi! Vidya,
If im right, you are Veena's sister and i was her classmate in Nirmala Convent. Small world! I enjoyed reading your posts. Will keep visiting.