21 October 2005

Art Appreciation 101

This, little one, shall serve as your introduction to the fine world of fine art. Lets start you off at one of the best places in the world to see some fine works. Lets go to the Metropolitan Museum of art in Midtown Manhattan.

I don't really care for modern art, but these are some of Picasso's early works. Quite nice, aren't they?

I think he was much better before he discovered 'cubism'.. shudder

Let's move on to early 19th century European works. Impressionists are a good place to start!

Yes, that's a very nice picture. Autumn haystacks by Millet. Good taste, kiddo. I realise that you're quite at liberty to interpret art anyway you wish, but "Baa Baa Black Sheep" wasn't quite what M'sieu Millet had in mind while painting that.

These are horses too, but they aren't the kind you sit on. Degas would be appalled if you did so! And no, poor Axe uncle isn't a horse.

Yes, that IS a cat my little one! But all cats aren't 'miyya Tom' don't need 'Jerry mouse' around! And no, I don't think you father is quite ready to buy you one... not the painting, not the actual feline...

But since you enjoyed your visit to this museum at least, let's get your dad to take you to another sometime.


Taz Snow said...

Way to go, kiddo! Love the pic of Aditi trying to climb on top of Axe's head :oD

Axe said...

I adore your daughter. My pics & vids are coming up soon.

Anonymous said...

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