10 October 2005

How're y'all doin'?

What is with the southern accent anyway? That drawl is really something else... It's charming, it's warm, it's funny or it's outright annoying. How is it that the same type of conversation with 3 different people speaking in the exact same idiom and drawl elicits three diverse reactions?

All three are people who have answered the phone when I called for a cab. The first was a lady who sounded so incredibly warm, charming and friendly. I still can't say 'y'all' or tag on 'honey' to each sentence the way she did. The guy who answered one time sounded plain funny... not warm or charming.. plain funny. The younger woman who took my call one time sounded plain hickish....

So what's the southern drawl/accent all about? Is it about being warm or is it a 'hick' thing? Does it depend on the person who's speaking?

So speak up , and y'all don't be a stranger.

The cutest part.. the way Aditi says 'Thank you so much'.. she drawls out that you.....

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Dents said...

y'all headin' back soon?
are you chillin magellan in K'tucky?