25 August 2006

Who let the doc tag??

I always thought PhD students (at least going by the ones that I've seen) didn't have enough time in a day to get their research done... Looks like I could be wrong about that. A certain researcher in a certain university in Bean-town seems to have all the time in the world to play tag! I refuse to be a spoilsport, so here goes...

This is how one plays tag online..
1) Say who tagged you
2) Say eight things about yourself
3) Tag 6 people

I was tagged by that jobless doc in Boston.

8 things, eh?? Lets see....
I WANT chaat... desperately..
I DON'T want to make the aforementioned chaat.
I WISH I could have something nice for lunch (something NOT cooked by me)
I genuinely believe that if I wish hard enough some inspired soul WILL open a Mexican restaurant in Tsuruoka.
SOMEDAY I will wake up on time to watch a sunrise here(so what if it happens at around 4:30 am).
I HAVE conclusively proved that a cellphone dropped in a pot of boiling sambar will never work again.
I NEED retail therapy to feel good.
I'm WAITING for the local release of X-Men 3.

(Wow... how colossally boring!)

Now let's play tag... Anitha, Deepak, Arun (much against my better judgment), Joji, Gouri.... you're IT! And here's right back at you, Dents.


Dents said...

hey... you dont belong to Narcissistic (formerly) Super Secret Reverse Taggers Club.... I believe the unwritten code of reverse tagging exempts us "special members" from people who want to suvert the tag effort by reverse tagging

Dents said...

And I havent started my Doctoral work YET... so hold all those libelous thought... once that happens, your STAT COUNTER might not even register my presence!!!