10 September 2006

Tagged again!

Why me?? I spent too much time trying to figure out 8 things about me, thanks to Dents' tag.. and now this... ah well.. here we go!

1. Book that changed your life: 1984. Why?? 1) sounds darned impressive, 2) I read it sometime in the early '90s and by then it was too late for 1984 to be like 1984... (it could happen later, or it may already be happening, but it not like 1984 happening in 1984.. hehehehehe)

2. Book you've read more than once: The Collected works of O'Henry. I've read them a gazillion times before, and will probably read them a gazillion times again!

3. Book you'd take to a desert island: Weekend Wodehouse. This collection has the perfect blend of the incurably loony inhabitants of Blandings, the moronic Bertie Wooster and his faithful Jeeves, and a handful of the most eccentric of Mr. Mulliner's relations. Simply perfect.

4. Book that made you laugh: Mike at Wrykin, Aunts Aren't Gentlemen

5. Book that made you cry: To Kill a Mockingbird

6. Book you wish you had written: "What to cook that (both) a 3 year old and a 35 year old are likely to eat"

7. Book you wish had never been written: Here I throw a cat among the pigeons.... "Catch 22" ... I started it 4 times, but could never get beyond a certain point... I still don't get the point, if there was one, of the book...

8. Book you're currently reading: Tom Clancy's 'Cardinal of the Kremlin'

9. Book you've been meaning to read: Anna Karenina... I don't know why. Each time I started reading it, I couldn't get beyond a point. I'd like to say that I have read Tolstoy ... hehehe

10. Tagging: aaaghhhh... lemme think... Arun, Gouri, Denti, Anitha, Deepak, Joji and Ozzy...


Axe said...

Apparently I'm supposed to leave comments on peoples' blogs to let them know they've been tagged. Details on my blog.

mitokondrion said...

Oh dear, tagged again and still no time to follow up... just returned from India and plop into a 72-hr marathon of paper writing. Now that both are done, I'd better get some other kind of writing done on my comatosed blog :-\

Thanx for remembering me despite my non-responses in recent times!