12 September 2006

Watching Superman with a 3 year old

My little one watched her first Superman movie, Arun and I laughed all the way through.. Why?? Because of all the questions we had to answer, and the lovely running commentary.....

Here are some of the more interesting ones.
  • Movie begins- Krypton explodes- the little one thinks it's the moon- scene changes- Clark Kent shows up at the daily planet- little one goes, "But what happened to the moon?"
  • Lex Luthor throws his wig at the little girl- "Uncle did not wear ponytails, so his mommy made him bald" (am sure that sounds familiar)
  • Lois Lane is being bounced around the aircraft- "See? That's why amma tells me to wear a seatbelt!"
  • Superman changes back into Clark Kent- Lois and Watzisname are discussing how Clark Kent possesses some traits similar to Superman- "Is Superman wearing glasses?"- Even a three-year-old-novice to the Superman franchise knows that Kent is Superman.
  • Lois Lane leaves the cabin where she finds the collection of wigs- Lex Luthor steps out of a washroom- He's brushing his teeth- "This is the way we brush our teeth, brush our teeth, brush our teeth.... left, right, up and down... " (remember the tune to 'here we go 'round the mulberry bush'?)
  • Superman is taken to hospital and the doctors prepare for surgery- "what happened to Superman's clothes?"
  • Lois Lane starts to light a cigarette, and flicks on the lighter- "No playing with fire. It's dangerous"
Arun promised her that he'd tie a towel around her shoulders and she could be 'Super-Aditi'.

So I can safely assume that both kids loved the movie.

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