12 March 2007

Anything for a friend.....

Dear friend Axe is all jittery
He needs help in a hurry
His 'Sangeeth' is looming,
With no ideas blooming,
So lets put him out of his misery.

So all you stinking mutts
Get off your lazy butts
So lets start to think,
And get some pen and ink
And help Axe out of his rut.

So put it all down on paper,
before your thoughts start to taper
Send them to me,
The world shall see,
Your take on his wedding caper.

1 comment:

Preethy said...

Vidya! Thanks for dropping by masalasushi!!

Foodies confidential is positively luscious.Great pics. Do-able recipes - just what a culinary dummy like me needs!

Any email id I can write to?

You are a multi blogger! Keep them coming!