03 August 2007

Of gender, theology and preschoolers

Aditi asked Arun something, and he gave her a very asinine answer. Something on the lines of how Calvin's dad would have answered. I now understand why Calvin's dad is the way he is. Until now I never had to answer questions on life and the universe and everything in between from the perspective of a 4 year old.

Recently, I had a very enlightening conversation with my little one. It went something like this.

A : Amma, are you a girl?
Me: Er.. yes, I guess you could say that.
A : Is paati a girl too? Are both my paatis girls?
Me: Yes, smart girl.
A : And that means Appa, and my two grandfathers are boys.
Me: Hmm.. absolutely.
A : You know, S-chan*, Sh-chan, and K-chan are girls.
(* chan and kun are honorific titles used while addressing little girls and boys respectively)
A : And also, D-kun*, H-kun and Y-kun are boys.
Me: That's absolutely right. Smart girl.
A : Do you know how I know the difference?

Now, whether she knew the difference or not, I wasn't all that prepared to know that.

Me: Er... really??
A : Because they use the 'standing up' potty.

I was right, I was nowhere near ready for this.

A : Amma, the little baby uses a diaper. Then how can you tell whether it is a boy or a girl?

Hmmm... I fully sympathize with Calvin's dad at this point. I totally understand why he answers questions the way he does.

A : Amma, is God a boy or girl??
Me: Huh???
A : Does God use the standing potty or sitting potty.
Me: Ask Appa that. He's a scientist, you know. He knows ALL answers.

Anyone out there care to explain??


Dents said...

hahahahaha... This is priceless!
I thought it was due to the observation that the birds use the standing up one and the bees use the sitting on potty that God decided to fashion humans thus. Obviously Aditi has had a one-on-one with the Big Person, and knows better! Ooh, I can't wait for you to explain about the grown-up "birds and the bees"! :)

Deepak Sarda said...

ROTFL :-))

Poor Arun :)

Tys on Ice said...

God does neither, he instead pull up all his shushu and spits it out in a spray, which we call rain.

Iam dreading these inevitable questions but madhu and I have decided that we are going to embaress and confuse him with wrong information.

Taz Snow said...

too much I say!! This is totally Calvin :oD

Preethy said...

Ha ha! And there definitely shd be manuals for parenting (was that Calvins dad or C himself who said this?)!