31 August 2007

A picture is worth a thousand words

We're all dressed up, with no place to go. I think this would be a good time to take a few pictures to send to family and friends. I mean, how often is that we're all looking un-scruffy, not unkempt??

I take out the camera, frame a shot to my satisfaction, twiddle with the settings, set it on continuous shooting, and click and click and click. After a few dozen shots, A switches places with me. He shoots a single picture and says "ok. We're all done!"

And then I start to download pics. There are lots of pics of A and the kids. I take my time, screen out the not so nice ones, mail out the good ones to family and friends.

And then the inevitable question comes along. "Hey, why aren't you in any of the pics?"

Hmm... I was the one shooting. That's why I'm not in any of the pictures.

It's time for the second inevitable question. "I thought Arun said he shot a few pictures too." Oh well, since you asked for it, I send out a nice blurred image that could be anything from my family to the yeti family.

On the other hand, maybe this is a good sulking point.
"I take such nice pics of you, and you can't get a single good shot me!! Least you can do is get me a surprise gift that I'm sure to like!"

I can see the possibilities there.


Tys on Ice said...

I guess Arun was dazzled by you and the little ones... If he hasnt given u this line, maybe he shud...

poor guy...

Fight back arun, for all thats worth...this is a fight you are going to loose but dont go without a fite....call me for the '100 excuses to confuse your partner and avoid the real issues' ...I will mail it to u..

Preethy said...

Hee hee. Milk the situation when u can I say! You can even embellish - "...you know surprise gifts that shine and fit on a finger.." and so on!

Yeti family! Must be seriously out of focus! :-D

Vidya said...

Tys: hmmm... alrighty, I'm REALLY curious about that list. Will email the id to you..

Preethy: Yeti... that might be an exaggeration. But let me put it this way, my mother would need really strong, powerful glasses to see if that really was her one and only firstborn daughter in certain images :D