20 April 2008

Darth Krishnan

Long time ago in a galaxy far far away (as far away as Japan, for starters), there was this academician.

That's not a very gripping story, is it? Anyway, one day, something went wrong, and instead of fighting the dark side of the force, he embraced it.

To make a long story really short, he turned to the dark side of the force. He was seduced by... (gasp) Industry. He ceased to be a Jedi (academic).

Yes, he's now a part of the Evil Empire, and will soon move with bag, baggage and family to Coruscant... well, Bangalore really, in service of the Emperor.

All Hail Darth V... er.. Arun.

May the force be with you.

(play the Imperial March too)


Joy said...

You too moving to B'lore? When ? Atleast you would not have to bundle up every time you need to pick up the little ones from the school bustop. :) Happy packing!

Tys on Ice said...

i dont know abt the dark seduction but mads is glad that u will be blore when shes there...


Madhumita. said...

See you there and may the force be with you :)

Suma said...

u moving to blore....too?

half of everyone i know seem to be going there...

everyone but me!!! wah!!!

happy moving!!! :)