02 April 2008

Google greets April

I like to think that I'm too old to pull an April Fool joke on anyone. But I still enjoy a good joke. One can always depend on Google to liven up the day.

They were in good form last year with their Google Paper announcement.

I trawled my usual repertoire of Google's services yesterday, and only caught these two.

Where one usually finds the Orkut logo, there was a logo that read 'Yogurt written in the same style.

There was this gem on Blogger.

Did I miss any other funnies?

A joint venture with the Virgin Group, Virgle, to pioneer Open source Planetary exploration of Mars.
Custom time from Gmail.

Yet Another Update:
Why did I even bother when Wikipedia seems to have listed it all?
Ah well....


Anonymous said...

Gmail is offering "custom time" to back-date email, and google is accepting applications for open source planetary explorers of mars.

Madhumita said...

trust google to come up with these priceless gags...loved the custom time one...

Abhijit said...

Ah! I saw the Google Custom Time feature last night and was thinking for almost an hour or so why any sane company would implement something as stupid as this. I just realized it today that it was an April Fool's joke.

TBC said...

What??!! I totally fell for it!

Suresh A said...

live samachar

Nice Blog i will visit again