14 June 2010

Teething issues... reloaded

All through the day I noticed my elder daughter her run to her room every now and then, and lift up her pillow. Then she'd get back to whatever she was doing, with this slightly disappointed look on her face.

Finally, around bedtime, I asked her if something was wrong with her pillow. And she told me she was looking for a coin. Why on earth would you look for a coin under your pillow, I ask her. Did you drop a coin somewhere? Where did you get a coin to start with?

She then gave me this blank don't-you-know-anything look, lifted her pillow again and took out a tooth! My little one lost a tooth this morning and there it was under her pillow.

This was a bit of a dicey situation. When she lost her first tooth over a year ago, we sat her down and explained to her how her milk teeth would now start to drop off, and how a better, stronger tooth would grow back in it's stead. We talked to her about how this was all a part and parcel of growing up, and how her new teeth would be stronger than what she had before. And that a gap toothed smile was a badge of honour, and that she could flaunt it to her heart's content.

Now we hear that some kid in her class her told her not to throw away her tooth the next time it falls, but to place it under her pillow, and see how it would turn into a coin. (Jobless *&$% kid!)

Here's the problem. Do we introduce a tooth fairy into the equation? Do we simply place a coin under the pillow and ask her to put that into her piggy bank and leave it at that? Do I stick to the 'rational' and 'scientific' path that we've been following to date, and explain away the tooth fairy?

Decisions, decisions... and they have to be made in less than 8 hours from now.


Axe said...

Childhood is the age of innocence & wonder. Let her believe in the tooth fairy!

Anonymous said...

Explain to her how the economic downturn means that her tooth is way below sub-prime & will not be yielding any coin anytime soon. I'm sure she'll understand.

If she doesn't, a bailout will be necessary.


Tys on Ice said...

fuck iam late...u wud have probably take care of this already...anyways heres wht to do next time..

introduce the tooth fairy...tell her that the tooth fairy takes all the teeth children leaves under pillows and replaces it with coins..since shes very considerate she always gives the same currency as teh country the tooth is found in...she makes a killing on the exchange rates...she uses all the teeth to make her castle which is cleaned evryday using colgate..

hopefully along with it u can introduce santa claus who runs the risk in todays world to being falsely accused of being a closet pedofile (spelling) due to all that making children sit on his lap things ( i heard he now takes request over mail only)...

by this time ur children are near to becoming those run arnd the garden looking for fairy types..

then u introduce to them god...

there...u have a completely brainwashed kid who now an be made to eat food by reminding her of the boogeyman under the bed, who will go to sleep by 7 becoz sand man will come in the night...and who will continue living her life in the hope that there will be prince in white shining armour just behind the corner to take care of her for all times...

hell...its more fun this way..

tell me how it went