21 May 2006

The DaVinci Bored

Oops.. that should read 'The DaVinci Code'.. but DaVinci Bore is an equally good title for that disaster of a movie.

The book wasn't all that great to start with. I do admit that Dan Brown did have an intriguing plotline, but he did totally kill it with totally inane and trite prose. His presentation of it totally sucked. Arun and I recently read a book called 'The Historian '. The main reason we bought that book was that it was only one of two English books available at a large bookstore here! We did make the salesman's day by buying out his entire stock of English books! I digress... The plotline wasn't really gripping or anything, but the author's style of prose was lovely. It kept the reader totally gripped. I wonder how she would have written a story like the DaVinci Code.

Back to the movie... what on earth was wrong with Tom Hanks?? His portrayal of Robert Langdon was terrible! My theory is that he read the book, signed up when he was offered the role, got totally depressed when he read the screenplay, and being the thorough professional he is, finished the movie anyway, so what if he played the role like an automaton!

After watching this disaster of a movie, I can fully understand why the Catholic church is up in arms against it. I can't find any similarity between the portrayal of the Opus Dei Bishop in the book and the one in the movie. I don't know what Ron Howard wanted to prove, but he totally killed a decent plotline with a very bad screenplay.

And the cinematography was weird to say the least. Some of the weird superimposition of images from the past are rather annoying... and I thought, pointless. Arun says he liked this superimposition bit... but then he also likes cricket... different tastes...

Sir Ian McKellen's performance was one saving grace. A real thespian to the core. But then he is a real 'Brit' and doesn't sound pompous!

If any of you really want to watch the movie, I'd suggest you wait for it to make its debut on HBO. Not worth the price of a ticket.

Why did we even bother? We haven't watched a movie in close to three months!!! Withdrawal!

The popcorn in the theater was another redeeming feature!!!!

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