16 May 2006

A nice weekend

Our dear friend AS-san took us out for a lovely drive this weekend. We went to see violet fields, a bungee jump point, a few farmers' markets and I finally got her to help me go detergent shopping..... And I cooked for a sushi masterchef!

Arun, of course, is starting to get bored with our trips to see the various blooms of spring. The bungee season opens in June sometime, once all the snow has cleared. AS says that when people sign up for the bungee, they are weighed, and their weights are stamped on their hands, and people are called in groups of 'weight'. Apparently that's the reason it isn't all that popular with the women around here..... (this calls for serious ' Delete Posterior' before I would want to try it)

The highlight of my weekend was.... SUSHI!!! AS brought over a friend of hers for lunch. W-san, a really trendy grandfather, is a chef. He runs his own Sushi restaurant. He brought us a lovely selection of vegetarian Sushi. And it was really awesome. After eating seaweed a couple of times in Singy, I was a little skeptical about whether I would be able to stomach sushi or not... but W's stuff was awesome. He's assured us that anytime we go to his restaurant, he'll make something vegetarian specially for us..... That's an offer we aren't going to refuse.

And I made aloo-parathas for a sushi master!!!! He simply loved my Palak Paneer. I have promised him some really spicy food next time. Maybe biriyani???

And detergent shopping??? Yes... something as mundane as that... Every product on the supermarket shelves is labelled in Nihongo (and in laymans terms, incomprehensible squiggles) and I have a really tough time trying to get a salesperson to understand that I want detergent without bleach or safe for wools and delicates, etc. So I finally gave up and dragged AS to a supermarket (much to her amusement) to explain what squiggles I need to look for.

Now I know the kanji squiggle for color. And God help me... the bleach squiggle looks quite similar!!!! Time to buy clothes in monochrome if i cant get detergents figured out very soon! Or better still when the stuff is over, carry the container to the supermarket, point and ask for more of the same...

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Vee said...

Take a picture of it in your phone and save it with the right meaning. You have a very interesting blog.