05 May 2006

Tsuruoka updates

I've posted some pics of Tsuruoka .

The set labeled 'Hanami 2006' are pics of the Cherry Blossom season. Also some pics of the view from my window.

The place is pretty as a picture. And the people are really sweet. Quite cultured! They go out of their way to help us out....

Of course, the first few days we were here, people actually used to stare at us as we passed by. Their curiosity is quite sweet. People do stop and ask us where we are from and how long we've been here. After that, out standard response to anything they ask us is usually Wakarimasen (I don't understand)... that's as far as our Japanese goes.

Aditi of course has got into the swing of things. Any oldie who stops and talks to her is treated to a greeting with an accompanying bow... awwwwwwww.... As soon as she says her name in Japanese, there's another awwwwww... and then there's her Domo Arigato, with a properly deep bow... and then the biggest awwwwww of all...

She does have a small fan club going here. The oldies are especially thrilled when she parrots out the really formal greetings. And then it's back to Wakarimasen when the next question comes.

I'm working on learning the Japanese script. It's not as logical as the Hindi/Kannada scripts, so that's giving me regular headaches! I go to classes once a week. But these days I play hooky whenever the weathers good. We just cycle down to the park and enjoy the sunshine for what its worth!

I think I've posted lots for today. More when I get around to it again.


Axe said...

You know what you should do? Take a small movie clip of her doing her routine and upload it here :)

Vidya said...

for that I need her to Ignore the movie camera and do her thing. right now she prefers to be at the wrong end of the camera :(

Taz Snow said...

Blossom-viewing season...very 'Memoirs of the Geisha'! :oD