14 September 2007

Of tragedies and fiction

What is it that would make a nice, jovial, funny person write a thoroughly depressing (my opinion at least) story?

If I wanted a story where the everyone (or the protagonist at least) lives through grief and finally kicks the bucket, I'd rather read some Russian stuff like Tolstoy or Dostoevsky. So when a normally funny Mallu writes like a Russian, it makes one wonder.

Does it have anything to do with communist ideology? They have nothing else in common.

Sorry, Tys, but that one was too much to resist!

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Tys on Ice said...

:) ...hey tht story was supposed to be hilarious...must be missing something here...anyway, this maya story has got a surprise ending, i promise...

thnks a lot for reading...

did it come across like russian writing? must be tht malu communist leaning..just cant stand it when everyone is happy ;)