25 September 2007

Thoughts on driving

I never realized that following the letter of the law exactly can drive my spouse nuts. All I need to do is get behind the wheel of our car.

When the speed limit says 30kmph, I do 30kmph. This is small town Japan after all. Little kids can run away when they see a car speeding towards them, but the sweet old lady of 99 doesn't stand a chance. So 30 it is.

Drive on an express highway at exactly the speed limit. So what if all other cars seem to be ignoring the speed limit.

Refuse to overtake the car in front of me. (The speed limit is 70kmph, I'm driving at 70kmph, the guy in front seems to be doing 70kmph, why should I follow the really bad example set by these dudes who are speeding?) Overtaking also means changing lanes. Too much trouble.

What is it about an European make of car that tends to let the nut behind the wheel delude himself into thinking he's Schumacher-ka-baap? Don't these prix realize there's no grand prize for being a pain?

Being first in line at the traffic light on a narrow road AND waiting to turn right. Too much pressure there. Japanese courtesy guarantees that no one's going to honk you out of your mind, but still... there's pressure.

I'd prefer to drive halfway around a parking lot, but I refuse to back up and park, or pull into a one-car space if I can avoid it. I need room. More room, less margin for errors.

Valet parking generates employment.


Tys on Ice said...

chaffeur driven ...now thts the way to travel...better still autos...good old between the legs transportation....u shud thnk ur lucky start u r in japan, here its flashing head lites, tail gating...I break a coconut everyday in thnkfulness of hving survived the dubai roads

TBC said...

OMG! I'm just like that too! I strictly go by the book & it drives my husband nuts. The last few years I have been spending teaching him( hez been driving forever!) to drive, among other things!

I also try never to use the reverse gear if possible:-)

diyadear said...

hi.. you seem to be a gud driver. My spouse was into speeding n overtakin a lot too. but once he got a 75$ fine n now he drives half as fast as me :)

Vidya said...

@tys: only the mayor uses a chauffeur driven car... well, if someone tailgates, they bow in apology, and I've actually seen cops bow to someone asking them for documents.

@tbc: i can guarantee unforced errors when my husband is a passenger.

@diyadear: hehehe... and I bet you won't let him forget that ever :D