20 September 2007

The wheel weaves as the wheel wills

I spent 10 days in hospital, when the little one was born, and used that time to read the entire Wheel of Time series, from The Eye of the World to Knife of dreams.

And finally got the one gazillion twenty seven thousand four hundred and forty characters straight. Well, not really. But it does seem like that considering that I started reading the Wheel of Time series somewhere in college (yes, that long ago). Chronologically, I read the first 8 books over a decade ago, and the next three as they were released. And it's very understandable how easily one can loose the thread of the tale.

When the little one was born, I decided that that was the best time to catch up on all those eleven tomes, and make sense of it all. In an uninterrupted continuous session like that, I did manage to get the story straight, and all the different threads untangled.

And I waited for the final book of the series with a sigh of relief. I now knew exactly who was who, what was what character's point or problem in life.

And now I hear that the thread has been cut and the Creator has been woven out of the pattern.



Tys on Ice said...

well, this one is now officialy on my to read list....

Vidya said...

Tys: wait for book 12.. l then start to read it... it's going to be awful if you get to book 11 and the series doesn't end!

Preethy said...

You read and made sense of 11 tomes... all when you had the little one???! All I remember of thsoe days is perpetually craving for sleep!

Hadnt ever heard of this series ever (but I'm no benchmark). Sounds complicated.

Vidya said...

Preethy: that's what a Japanese hospital is all about. Trust me, it was a holiday. Eat and sleep. don't worry about laundry, don't worry about cleaning, press a bell and someone comes in all smiles to help out. it was a break, trust me.