27 July 2005

Death by... Dum???

I have evolved. Things have changed around me, things are changing around me, things will always change around me. I resisted change. I stuck to what I thought was the best, most sublime, and supremely comforting food... Death By Chocolate from good old Cornerhouse on Residency Road!

The best comfort food, henceforth, is ... (drumrolls)... the utterly delicious dum Biriyani made by Nayeem. Overate one of his really awesome creations yesterday, but am in a state of utter bliss.

Nayeem's creations have officially become #1 food for the heart, soul, and the belly too. Go Nayeem!

Why didn't I get a doggy bag... Damn!


Taz Snow said...

SACRILEGE!! No one defies the death by chocolate!!!

Sieze her! Saute her! Season her! And then cook her in a clay pot, over a slow fire...DUM HER!

katongking said...

that's a DUM joke.
Here's another: Biryani will go perfectly with yani bir, but kingfisher's the best.

Dents said...

Is Nayeem opening shortly in Be'er Sheva? I hear Corner House is :-)

NK said...

I am flattered !!! Vidya, Just for that you can ask, no, Demand for biryani any time you like, and even before 9pm too!