06 July 2005

What's happening in Singy?

With all the fanfare going on about the One Hundred and X-th (105 or 106th) IOC session in Singapore the man on the street might be forgiven for assuming that Singapore was hosting the 2005 Olympics! I've had it with front page coverage of the IOC sessions in the local rag, The Straits Times! This doesn't define earth shaking news by any standards! It's five OTHER cities fighting to host the 2012 (?) Olympics, but you wouldn't know that here in Singapore.

And David %^&##@ Beckham! Yesterday we saw his mug on the front page of the local rag, and instantly consigned that edition to lining cupboards and shelves. Nothing else can guarantee to curdle my breakfast cuppa quite like that annoying mug. On the front page too! He's backing London's bid, for God's sake. Not running for president! Not of Singapore certainly.

And the telly is covering the IOC session live.... who the &%$* cares!!!!! Singyis still NOT hosting the OLYMPICS!

I'll be glad when this is over and the newspapers get back to covering who lost who's marbles in what dark corner of whose HDB flat.

I wonder what would happen if Singy did get to host the games though? It would serve for frontpage headlines for years before, after and during the event! Maybe even forever


டி ராஜ்/ DRaj said...

Exactly my views :)

Dents said...

Relax! A little birdy told me that the party sharty types are shifting to London now... they plan to spend more money there, hosted by the UK edition of the IOC, and when the Olmpics comes around they will find that they have no money left.. and that will be the time when Singy newspapers will overflow with Beckham stories again!
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Taz Snow said...

Be glad Singy didn't get to host the 2012 Olympics...you don't need the kind of attention London is getting!

Anonymous said...

not so surprising makkals..

this how the "news industry" in singai works...

everyone will talk about "the attraction"... then forget it..


Pufflet said...


you are awesome.

Really, I think the icing on the cake was when one day's headlines was a taxi driver running into a private condo's swimming pool.

Singapore is so good at sweeping the real news under the rug and passing off this fluff as headlines.

P.S: stumbled onto your blog through indibloggers. interesting/funny stuff...