24 July 2005

Lots n lots of pics.

Took a post out of Denti's blog, and just made a BIG collage of lots of pics that I thought were worth sharing.

These are pics taken at home, and at Boat Quay.

These are a result of a few hours of joblessness. These are the views out of one of our 19th floor windows. You can see the Clementi Stadium, the West Coast Recreation centre, and the sea very far away.



Dents said...

which is the more recent you? you in black or you in white?
He-Who-Privately-Wishes-He-was-called-Names, the evidence is in front of you. Pass your judgement!

Vidya said...

pics taken 2 days apart... white being most recent :) so he-that-is-not-called-names-in-private dare not call me chicken anymore!