20 June 2005

Aditi's pics

Finally I got around to posting pics, and I realize how much I have begun to detest Windows! It's like a millstone around my neck. I used the &^%$# OS after 4 months. Yes, folks, 4 months! And life is easier with Linux. I believe in Penguin power! There is no other kind. Of course this means Arun needs to figure out how to upload pics using Linux.

Any suggestions on how I can reduce display size of these pics?

And Aditi's self portrait is now posted here.

Aditi-the-cool: Can anyone see me in here?

Linux baby... May the "Penguin Power" be with you!

Getting her feet wet at the East Coast Park

Rocking With Teddy

At the Animal Resort. Ishaan, Varad, Aditi and (another) Ishaan!

Too big for my boots

Handsome and Cutie


Dents said...


Axe said...

1. Its not fair to call a not-even-2-year-old girl "handsome". Shatters the self-image, doncherknow?

2. In your Blogger control panel, you can adjust the size of images, borders, etc. etc. ... I set it to what I'd had on my blogger site.

Taz Snow said...

Ooooh...kyutie baby!!! Or should I say handsome?! ;o)