21 June 2005

Swan lake??

Here I sit on my gluteus maximus after another round of kickboxing. I can't see any difference after a month without skipping a single session. I still can't fit into THE orange dress (it's still yours for now, Tina) and I can't even look at my jeans. This time I refuse to take the easy way out and buy a new pair. I have broken in this pair well and will wear it again!

Today's session was weird. For some reason the instructor changed the music we normally move out posteriors to. Instead of the usual Boom Boom cacophony she played Swan Lake! I have nothing against Tchaikovsky's magnum opus, but this was crazy. The studio where our sessions are held has walls lined with mirrors. And jumping to the notes of Swan Lake, what I saw was scary! I saw what looked like a Hippo cavorting among the cygnets.

After I complete this course I am definitely signing up for another. But I am going to inquire more closely into a few things. No reflecting surfaces where we practice please! Some things give me nightmares. I want to enroll for a course where the other participants are as... er... prosperous looking as me, or more! It can give a person such a complex in a setup where the others look like Ms Ethiopia!

Perhaps I'll sign for aquarobics. Something done neck deep in water. That way I'll feel better about myself.

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Axe said...

I realize this is the wrong post to comment to ... but, continuing the age-old tradition of answering some of Man's most profound questions ... and of presenting the most creepy or gross websites to ever exist, I bring you this ...


Clearly, Aditi has a future here.