19 June 2005

Father's day out

Today I convinced Aditi that it was the done thing to take her father out someplace nice to lunch, so that he doesn't have to spend a nice Sunday afternoon helping with the dishes. Also because it was father's day! We decided to help Arun pick a new blazer too while we were at it.

We went to Rang Mahal, a nice restaurant, but I don't think I am going back there in a hurry. I draw the line at having nice desi food served a la Sushi! Think of it, 2 pieces of papdi chaat served in one big fancy plate! I guess it's supposed to be visually aesthetic and all that jazz but it looks like the last canape on a large tray! I seriously think Indian food was never meant to be pretentious in presentation.

We heard some percussion music in a mall and followed the beats. We caught the tail end of Tavlin Singh's performance with 2 other Aussies in a percussion ensemble.

A nice 'father's day' out for Arun, I'd say. Maybe Aditi should be convinced to take him out to dinner too. It's his day after all!


Axe said...

Its interesting how you project your needs & desires onto your 2-year-old daughter. Some shrink somewhere is going to be able to put his kids through college working on that :-D

Taz Snow said...

Very Dune, the whole Mother-Daughter thing!