08 June 2005

Lousy weather

I like to look out of my window first thing in the morning and look at clean skies. Storm clouds before sunrise somehow put a damper on the grand scheme of things. Rainy mornings mean that Aditi cannot go out to play. Rainy mornings mean that laundry accumulates. Rainy mornings mean no walks around the neighborhood.

My idea of the perfect way to spend a rainy morning? Curl up with a good book and a hot chocolate. But with an energetic 2 year old bouncing on my tummy, that idea will have to be put on the back burner for now.

On the bright side, rainy mornings mean I can sit in the balcony with a nice hot cuppa and not watch the world go by. On days like today, visibility is a joke. I can't see beyond the expressway, and that's 50 mts away. I can't see Bukit Timah, or that stretch of green beyond the station. I can't even see the station. Poor Aditi can't see her 'Trains' either. So I have assured that her that as soon as the sky clears, we can walk to the market and play with the cats (or like Aditi says, play with the 'Miyya')

I had a nice long post in mind, but I can't hear Aditi. That means somethings up, and that is likely to be something I don't like!


Taz Snow said...

Hey...I'M her aunt Miyya! Come on by the next time the weather clears! :oD

Dents said...

Miyya say that Aditi is as adorable as can get!

Taz Snow said...

Dents - you having identity crisis!