16 June 2005

Miscellaneous jottings

For once I must agree with Axe when he cribs about people leaving anonymous comments on blogs. People, just leave a name. Forget trivial details like email or link to you blogs or homepages or whatever. I'd like to know who my replies are being addressed to.

Dear Anonymous, (see how daft that sounds)
I did not see Kingdom of Heaven. For the very simple reason that Arun and I got slightly fed up of watching Orlando Bloom playing the role of a medieval swordsman/archer. You know what I mean. Think about his major roles to date- Legolas in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Will Turner in Pirates of the Caribbean, Paris in Troy. If he carries on in this vein any longer, he might end up going to his shoots on his trusty steed (literally!) wearing a sword and armor! So whoever saw Kingdom of Heaven feel free to leave a review for Anonymous.

Aaaagh.. that felt like talking to an answering machine!

PJ for the Day..
(I am really sorry, but I just could not resist doing this)
Star Wars 3 more or less focused on the marriage of Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala, right?
Should it have been named Mr and Mrs SITH??

And with that I wait for comments!


Taz Snow said...

You are sooo lucky you are atleast one continent away. Mr. and Mrs. Smith was bad enough, without the Siths joining the party!

Kingdom of Heaven...i have to say that Bloom or no Bloom I liked the movie.

Vidya said...

Golly, your goegraphy really sucks! Singy and India are in the same continent. Asia, in case you didnt figure it out!

Kenny said...

Answer to first question: Actually, Star Wars 3 barely focused on their marriage at all, hence Natalie Portman's meaty 2 minutes of screen time. Arguably Episode II, Lucas' self-proclaimed "love story" chapter was more about their relationship.

Answer to second question: No.

Taz Snow said...

Vee, so long as the land masses are physically separate, as in with some millon tons of seawater between the two, they are different continents as far as I am concerned! Hublander!

Anonymous said...

Ah Vidya,
If I knew how you chachify people even before you know who they are, I would not have bothered giving you the thrill of an anonymous posting!
Sigh !
Well, Preeti here. Does that make you feel better ?!
It is difficult to get myself to see Kingdom of Heaven after seeing Orlando Bloom in Troy. That's why I asked you ! And since we feel the same way I better give it a miss!

And with your movie reviews looks like I will save whole lot of time - much more than 2 hours I initially imagined. But I hope well, that eventually there is something worth watching.
How's The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy ? Have you seen it ?


Axe said...

As an aside ... why don't you change the template/layout of your blog? It's too ... ordinary. And it's exactly the same as Malz (causes a lot of confusion for me cos you both talk about the same things!)

Vidya said...

this was the only one i liked.