20 June 2005

Testing Flickr

Testing Flickr
Originally uploaded by vidyanagaraj.
Just testing, folks. Trying to figure out the funda of www.Flickr.com.. If this works the way I think it whould, then I can post pics directly by mailing it to some totally cryptic address with a photo attachment, and you can all see it directly on my blog. This is a test post. So feel free to leave comments. If this works, posting pics is going to be an absolutebreeze!


Taz Snow said...

Wierd photo positioning!

Dents said...

I thnk I have said it before but I will say it again... Sweeet!
Running out of words, am I not?

Taz Snow said...

Vee...HALP!!! Am not getting Flickr to post as per my Blog template...totally getting the fonts screwed up. You is the mom with the time...please halp figure it out.

Axe said...

I can see the picture on the blog. But clicking on the photo takes you to a Flickr page, which asks you to log in to view the photo.

Is this something you can change?

Rakesh said...

ADITI ROX!!!!!!!!

any doubts???