11 June 2005

Mr. & Mrs. Smith


That's the sound of dreams merging with reality. I'm now forced to grow up and look at real life again! Brad Pitt doesn't look hot anymore.

Where, oh where, is that drop dead gorgeous man I saw in Se7en, Meet Joe Black, A River Runs Through It and Legends of the Fall? Or even the Achilles-in-a-sexy-mini-skirt from Troy? Who is this thoroughly average Joe (not Black) trying to impersonate that handsome hunk?

Now that we're done with my key gripe, let's get to others....

The movie was a bit letdown. The media went on and on about the chemistry between Pitt and Jolie. Unless I went to the wrong Sri and Smt Smith, I guess we are not talking about the same movie.

It just didn't live up to all the hype. Now that Brad Pitt isn't lechable anymore, I tuned out half way through the movie. The plot was thinner than an anorexic supermodel, and more vague than SmithaVarsha at her most lucid. (sorry Smi, I couldn't resist getting that dig in!).. It's not a James Bond kinda thing which the reviews led me to believe.

Give it a miss folks... Save it for HBO. Shouldn't be too long before it gets there anyway.


Axe said...

Oy! Stop invading my movie reviewing turf! =D

You found Brad Pitt interesting in Tory?? Good gods, the man was wooden, sullen, and looked like he'd left his acting in Thebes! I thought Eric Bana ROCKED as Homer, though.

Anonymous said...

OK. You definitely have bad taste in people and movies! Mr and Mrs Smith was fun! Who cares if there is no story? Atleast the movie wasnt made for the dorkosaurs of the world!

Taz Snow said...

Axe...try to think like a woman! Brad Pitt in Leather Mini-Skirt is what Troy's Achilles was all about. Vote for Troy's MOST Interesting character and total YUM -> Eric Bana as Homer.

And Mr / Ms / Mrs Anonymous...if you think bad (read nonexistant) repartee, hitting-my-forties-hard looks on the male lead, lara-croft-trying-to-be-domesticiky action from the female lead and a story thinner than a negligee is fun, more power to you. For the record, Vee's taste is movies is actually pretty good.

There, Vee...the defense rests :oD

Anonymous said...

Hey Vidya,

Thanks for movie reviews. I think your blog has just saved 2 hours of my time on Mr and Mrs Smith !
Have you seen Kingdom of Heaven? I have one friend (actually still a teenager - so cannot trust her too much) raving about it but am wondering if it is worth a watch. How does it compare with Troy ?

katongking said...

Brad Pitt was in the movie? Sorry, I only noticed Angelina Jolie. And her lips.

mmmm... lips.

But seriously, I thought the movie was a blast (well quite literally too). The storyline was kinda forced, but the script was awesome; every single line of dialogue was memorably funny (not in the Star Wars funny).