03 June 2005

self inflicted torture

No.. there's nothing kinky here. If that's what you are looking for, go elsewhere!

I've set myself a target... lose 10kgs, or else.... and to help myself achieve this commendable target, I have taken up kickboxing. And yes, it's rather punishing!

I have had a few valuable brilliant flashes so far:
1. I am never likely to be able to touch my nose with my knee (while standing upright.. go figure)
2. Chinese have martial arts in their genes (never watched a Jackie Chan movie?)
3. I think pepper spray is more effective self defence, failing which...
3a. ... I could sing 'That's all I ask of you'

But seriously, the sessions are punishing. After the first session, I ached all over! Even my cheeks and eyelids hurt. Now its better. I can bat my eyes without too much trouble!

Today's lesson was a total disaster. I got slightly mixed up, missed a call, and kicked my neighbour. I have this feeling that I am going to be kicked in the not too far future. And she's really good at this!

If I can still move my fingers after the next session, will blog some more!


BioSwami said...

hmmm.. well vidya, if the beatings I got from you are any indication.. your kick boxing is progressing quite well.. thank you..

*groan* *grimace* *ouch* (That's also how uncomfortable the couch is!)


Anonymous said...


katongking said...

kickboxing??? since when? never tell me leh.

Anonymous said...

After a prolonged period of inactivity try and go slow! What i mean is kickboxing is for the advanced, well-coordinated aerobic types, thou should start with aerobics-LO. Can try out Aditi though, that babe shows natural talent!